Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mornings with James

Wednesday mornings I have James all to myself. It's really nice to have that one on one time. This morning he asked when I was going to go back to school. I said I was probably done with school. Then he asked what I was going to do when all the kids left the house (good question! Right now I can think of a million things! Haha). I said I would continue to be a mom to all my kids. I would help him when he leaves for school, a mission, help him and his wife when he gets married and their kids. Then he asked this:
James: but how will I find a girl?
Me: You are so smart, handsome, and sweet- someone will find a very special girl that will love you so much. 
James: but where will I meet here when she will be in her car all day (thinking about my life here!).
Me: you will meet her at school, work, church, with friends. There will be lots of chances to meet a girl. But you will be much older James. 
James: how will I know her? 
Me: you will spend time with her doing fun things. Daddy and I went skiing together, went out to eat, watched movies, went running, and spent time with friends. 
Then James asked how Bryson and I met. It was such a simple but wonderful conversation. I found it so funny that someone who really shows a dislike for girls his age, was genuinely concerned as to how he was going to meet a special girl someday. Lucky for me, that time is a long ways away and we can stay home, read stories, and have conversations like this. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Las Vegas Snow Day!

February brought a bit of a surprise in the form of a snow day here in Las Vegas. The kids were estatic to wake up to 3 inches of snow on the ground one morning. We were all outside making a snowman by 7 am. 
Valentine's weekend started off with a big family breakfast at IHOP.

I just love dressing sweet Emily up, but she is happiest with her brothers in a diaper. 

Tennis in February? I will take it!

Making pizza at grandma's house

'Old' grandma stopped by on her way back home and we had a little birthday party for her.

Grandma and danny making a spiderman pillow case together.

Emily loved looking at the deserts at the Cheesecake Factory.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ski Week 2015

We had a great ski week this year! Andrew has his first ski lesson and no one ever looked so cute on the slopes. He loved his first day, but we had to force him to go a few times during the week, but he ended up liking it. By the last day, he was amazing! Flying down green circles with the whole family. 

Danny looked like a pro this year. He is zooming through moguls and has no fear. I love it!! 

Kate and I had the BEST day skiing one day. It snowed the night before and the whole time we skied and we had fresh powder up to our knees most of the day!

James made so much progress this year. He can really keep up with the whole family and is very brave and steady on his skies. I loved skiing with him the day we skied as a family. He sings songs while he skies (which I LOVE!). 

 Emily had her first play day in the snow. She really loved it! We took her sledding in the back of the cabin and she was thrilled with it all. 

Dad and mom- still the most stylish couple on the mountain. 

But maybe they were beat out by this guy this year?

Love skiing with my 3 boys!!

We always have an award ceremony after ski week. It is fun to celebrate all the kids accomplished during the week! So proud of these brave little skiers. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

February week with the Richards

We had a great week with the Richards! We saw KA at the MGM and took a limo there after a great dinner at brio. We also hiked red rocks, went shopping, ate at a buffet, and went to the park. It was really fun seeing everyone, especially Adam who is leaving on his mission next month. 

First January in Vegas

I have to admit that I have missed the snow this year, which seems strange. there is something about just laying low for a few months inside and watching the beauty of a winter wonderland outside that is so relaxing and peaceful. Despite my longing for snow, we have really enjoyed being outside so much. It's amazing that my kids are still wearing shorts and we go to the park pretty much daily!

Emily is really changing. She is turning into quite the little busybody as she walks around the house waving and carrying her purse. She has such a fun personality and makes the cutest faces. It's like I turned around and she was a toddler! 
Danny started violin and is enjoying it. My hope is that he sticks with it! He had a 'great to be eight' fireside and is preparing for baptism. I'm so excited that he is choosing to be baptized this year. 
My dad and mom took us to an unlv game this past weekend. The boys loved it and Danny was so excited to get his ball signed by the coaches and players. 
All the boys are really into athletic socks! How cute are they??!!